Five Fives

Feeding Bottle

BPA-Free For an easy and proper feeding

It’s made of pure polypropylene (PP); an unbreakable, durable and non-toxic
plastic that’s not affected by boiling, does not react with the inner contents
and is dishwasher safe.
Its light weight and design make it easy for baby to hold.
Five Fives Feeding Bottle is provided with:
1. Nipple, made of pure silicone, an FDA approved material.
2. Regulator, to regulate the flow of liquids & prevent air swallowing
(which is the main cause of baby’s abdominal discomfort)
3. Spout, that teaches baby sipping instead of sucking.
4. No-leak, nipple-sealing plastic cap.
5. Sealing disc, to keep nipple clean during storage and travel.

150 & 250 ml
bottle in 4 different colors.
150ml with plastic holder in one color.
Other colors are available upon