Five Fives

Fiesta roll-on powder

Natural Deodorant & Antiperspirant Roll-on Powder For Men & Women

Safe & Effective 24 hours
Made of natural ingredients, alcohol-free.
Doesn’t cause underarm darkness.
Ideal for sensitive skin.
Doesn’t stain clothes.
Gives your body a long-lasting refreshing scent.
Fiesta Powder is free of Aluminum Chlorhydrate
or Aluminum Zirconium Chlorhydrate which
contian Aluminum ions (AL+++). These small ions
are easily absorbed by skin causing harmful side
effects when accumulated inside the body. On
the other hand, Fiesta Powder contains Potassium
alum, a big molecule that cannot be absorbed by
skin, that’s why Fiesta Powder is 100% safe.
50 ml roll-on plastic bottle.