Five Fives Just 5 Depilatory cream

Just 5 Depilatory cream

Rich in jojoba oil
For a soft, quick & safe hair removal.
Available for normal or for sensitive skin.
Removes gently all unwanted hair form roots within a few minutes, leaving skin soft, silky
& healthy, the way it should be.
• Just 5 Depilatory Cream is optimally fragranced to leave skin well- scented during and
after application.
• It is chemically stable, it will not suffer from any discoloration or change in form or
fragrance during its shelf life.
• Just 5 Depilatory Cream for normal skin contains jojoba oil, a natural emollient and anti-inflammatory, to soothe,
moisturize & protect skin while removing hair.
• Just 5 Depilatory Cream for Sensitive Skin contains jojoba oil and allantion, a natural anti- inflammatory well known of its ability to sooth  and protect sensitive skin. Allantion is also an outstanding stimulant for new cell
40 gm laminated tube in a carton box
with a plastic applicator inside.

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