Five Fives

Soft Touch Foot and Heel

cream Natural ingredients - Fast relief formula

For extremely dry, rough or cracked skin.
Soft Touch Fast Relief formula rapidly restores, within a few days, the soft touch for feet, knees,
heels and generally any body part where dryness or cracking is a problem.
Soft Touch is rich in wheat germ oil and natural beeswax to nourish skin, soften hard layers, promote
epidermal cell growth, reduce trans-epidermal water loss and leave a non-occlusive protective
barrier on skin.
Soft Touch is enriched with urea and sodium lactate which are the main components of the skin’s
natural moisturizing factors (NMF) which are naturally found in every healthy cell to maintain its
water content.
Urea has a unique ability to moisturize even scaly skin, as it causes hard skin cells to “unpack” and
expose their water binding sites, therefore enabling cells to absorb and retain additional moisture.
Sodium lactate surpasses glycerin and other moisturizers in its moisturizing action and improves
skin elasticity.