iShave Shaving Cream Lemon 90 gm


iShave Shaving Cream Lemon 90 gm

Enriched with Jojoba Oil & Allantoin For a Rash-Free Shave Enjoy a super cooling, rich creamy lather & a smooth sting-free shave

  • iShave is rich in menthol, glycerin & natural oils for a long-lasting softness & refreshment.
  • Softens coarse hair for an easy & quick shave.
  • Helps repair minor skin abrasions caused by the razor.
  • iShave contains:
  • Jojoba Oil: a natural anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial, protects against acne & is rich in vitamins.
  • Allantoin: a strong anti-inflammatory & a cell growth stimulant

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