Five Fives Natural Henna Powder 100 gm


  • Henna has been known for centuries for its superb hair conditioning and coloring properties, it has been particularly used by Egyptian Queens and ladies as far back as 5000 years ago.
  • Five Fives Henna is pure & finely powdered Egyptian henna leaves. It gives your hair a beautiful, natural, reddish to reddish brown color according to the original hair color and contains those natural ingredients, which are vital for hair nourishment & health.
  • Artificial hair dyes penetrate the external layer of hair shaft to the inner layers weakening hair and increasing hair loss and split-ends. Henna on the other hand, coats each hair shaft, thus enhances its body, strength and healthy look. In addition henna prevents hair loss or split-ends, and protects against dryness and dandruff.
  • Five Fives natural henna is unique in its quality, it is very well processed into a very fine powder free of any impurities to facilitate application and washing-out of color mixture from hair.Five Fives Natural Henna Powder 100 gm
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