Five Fives Henna Hair Colors – Copper – 100 gm


Five Fives Henna Hair Colors – Copper – 100 gm

100% Natural Powder for a more attractive color and a healthier hair. Ideal for sensitive people

Five Fives Henna Hair colors, in the form of powder, is made out of natural henna leaves, skilfully blended with other natural plant parts to give hair new color shades while enhancing its body and strength, preventing hair loss and curing split ends and dandruf

Five Fives Henna hair colors are:

  • 100% Natural, mixture of natural plants.
  • 100% pure, free of any impurities or chemicals that may harm hair.
  • Finely powdered: to facilitate application & washing – out of paste from hair.

Advantages of Five Fives Henna Hair Colors over chemical dyes:

1- Chemical hair dyes attack the external layer (cortex) of hair making it weak & porous to facilitate the penetration of color pigments into the inner hair layers, thus weakening hair leading to hair loss & split ends problems. On the contrary, Five Fives natural hair colors cover individual hair shafts to color & protect hair while increasing its softness & body.
2- Unlike chemical hair dyes, Five Fives natural hair colors do not color the slight variations of hair’s original color identically, so the new hair color will be totally unique.
3 – The sharp demarcation line between the new color & hair roots (which is noticed as hair grows when using chemical dyes) will not be obvious, so your hair color will look more natural. Being 100% natural, the color obtained will greatly depend on the original hair color, Five Fives hair color & how long the color mixture is kept in hair, so a totally unique color will be obtained.

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